We believe you can overcome the addiction, anxiety or depression that’s keeping you from living a purposeful, joy-filled life.   There is hope.  And we can help you find it.

At Innovation 360 we’re more than a group of therapists and counselors. In fact, we’re called a lot of things by our clients - coach, mentor, and even “my number one fan.”  We don’t just teach you how to get better.  We show you.

Why do we call ourselves Innovation 360?  Because we offer 360 degrees of care.  We’ve set ourselves apart from other counseling programs with an innovative treatment solution that combines focused therapy with life development activities.

Here’s how we’ll help you overcome your addiction, anxiety or depression:

Our team of counselors and therapists are among the best in their field.  But most importantly, we understand that you’re not “everyone” else.  You’re unique.  Your addiction, your anxiety, your depression is unique to your life situation.  We’ll help you identify, understand and recognize the specific challenges you’re facing.  Then we’ll help you develop new ways of thinking about your life and help you believe in yourself and in change.

A playbook is of no value if you don’t practice it.  After we teach you how to overcome your addiction, anxiety or depression, we’ll help you put those lessons into practice.  We know that a counseling center doesn’t represent your “real” life.  That’s why we take those first steps back into “reality” with you.   Together, we’ll take what we learned in counseling and help you develop routines in your life that replace your unhealthy habits with good ones. We’ll offer encouragement and hope, helping mentor and coach you until your new habits become second nature.

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Family Crisis Intervention

Family Crisis Intervention
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"Words alone cannot express the depth of our appreciation for the personalized treatment and care our son received …" -- Carol, Ben’s Mother


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